Stay Motivated When Business is Slow

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Staying Motivated When Business is Slow This post is inspired by a fellow business owner who asked me for some tips to keep their team motivated during the off-season. First of all, this poses 2 opportunities. When business is slow as an owner/Manager it’s a great opportunity to explore new avenues of generating business. New ideas, Spin-off products, new marketing avenues, etc.. Get a brainstorm going, and involve all of your staff. Second, if you are experiencing a time in your business where there is extra time, promote individual professional growth. Books, classes, mentoring, etc.. Meet with your staff see how they’re doing. Ask if they see opportunities in the business. Remember, staff experience something different then the owner and definitely can offer a different prospective. Motivated employees can help inspire new ideas in your business. When you find extra time, utilize it. As an employee, accomplishing the reading of a book, growing professionally, or being a greater part of the organization is so amazing. These techniques will jump start motivation that will change your business in a VERY positive way. To sum it up, offer your clients and guests an excellent experience! Customer Service Excellence starts with each employee! Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all service men and women, and their families. Sincerely, Margaret M. Hernandez To learn more about motivating your employees call us today 949-302-4828.

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