How Does Accomplishment Feel?

Monday, 21 June 2010

How does accomplishment feel? Monday with ANROMA! A past trainee emailed me a wonderful testimony. In the segment The Business Environment (the first of 5 parts to The ANROMA Way ©) we go through an exercise about accomplishment. How we feel after we have accomplished something and what it took to get us there. “….The accomplishment exercise is powerful. I remembered something I achieved a few years ago and how incredible it felt, and I also remembered the sacrifices I made to get there. But the sacrifices were well worth it. I have a couple of goals I want to achieve and I’ve been procrastinating, but I’m determined in my mind to face the sacrifices to reach that accomplishment. I’m excited and ready, this is going to open doors for me-and my family will reap the rewards….” This is the exact results that ANROMA wants to achieve with our trainees in this exercise. Try it: · Clear your mind · Think about a past accomplishment · How do you feel? · What did it take to achieve? (sacrifice, hard-work, etc..) · Think of something you’ve been wanting to accomplish · What will it take to achieve? I encourage you to push yourself to new levels of success. Be a leader in your workplace! And of course offer your clients CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE! Sincerely, Margaret M. Hernandez ANROMA, Training Consultant For more information on how to bring The ANROMA Way to your office, call 949-302-4828. We are here to serve and lead you to new successes!

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