Happy Friday Afternoon!

Happy Friday Afternoon

It’s warming up in Southern California and throughout the country.  The summer attitude is creeping in.  For some, the summer carries the same responsibilities and weight as the rest of the year.  Let your summer attitude be an attitude of ‘doing.’  

I was speaking to someone earlier this week who said, “it’s summer.. time to sit back and relax.” Knowing this person and their plans, I asked if that was such a good idea?  So together we collaborated and realized that summer is just another season.  Vacation time is a must, of course.  But let’s use this summer heat to fuel our energy to ACCOMPLISH!

My advice to business owners and managers, do some assessments this summer.  Sales plan? Marketing Plan? Customer Service Culture?  Take your business to the next level.  Make room for growth for your employees.  Employees want their opportunity to shine.  Provide the work environment for them to do so.

Maximizing employee potential is the best gift for employees and businesses. 

I wish everyone a safe and relaxing weekend.  

Assess. Address. Apply. ANROMA!
Margaret M. Hernandez
Training Consultant, The ANROMA Group

For more information about employee development and customer service training contact ANROMA.

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