Top 3 Reasons to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Wednesday, 21 July 2010
The Benefits of Delivering Customer Service Excellence.

Hello All,  I hope you are having a great Wednesday afternoon.

This list could be pages and pages long, for the sake of time I’m going to offer you the TOP 3 ideas for you to go from good customer service to CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE (there is a difference, a huge difference):

  • The Extended value of each individual Customer A known fact, repeat clients tend to make larger and more frequent purchases than new clients.  Repeat clients are your ‘Hot’ leads when you want to showcase and promote new products/events.  If they already enjoy working with you, they will be eager to see what else you can do for them.  How valuable are these solid client relationship to your business? Are you building these types of relationships?  Do your employees know how to make this happen?
  • The Power in Surpassing Your Competition Let’s be honest, your customers have options.  They even have options on where/how they spend their ‘luxury dollars’ (luxury dollars- defined by ANROMA, money that can be spent in millions of ways and is not part of a persons household necessity budget.) You need to define your Customer Service Culture and be Consistent!  Your customers want to feel special and appreciated, and they have high expectations.  Give them reasons to fill compelled to return to you, refer you, and be excited about it!  Brainstorm some low/no-cost ideas on ‘ways to wow.’
  • Going the Extra Mile for your Client Builds Momentum Attention customer service providers: Providing your clients with Customer Service Excellence benefits YOU.  You will notice increased sales, avoid customer conflict, and add positivity to your overall day and life. Access your individual potential by offering customer service excellence, you’ll find motivation as you see compliments, sales, and laughs fill your day. Remember, not all of your clients will embrace this ‘going the extra mile’ attitude.  But most will, use your best gauge to find what people want from you. 

I encourage you to implement these ideas into your Customer Service Culture and watch your business grow!

If you’d like assistance in creating your Customer Service Strategy please call us at 888-436-7948 or 317-4-ANROMA.

At your ‘Customer Service’ service,
Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Group, Training Consultant

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