Faced with an Upset Client?

“Please help me handle our upset clients!”

Handling a difficult client is one of the least desirable parts of any job, and unavoidable.  With the right attitude and skill you can get through it and in some cases really build a good relationship with this client.

Faced with an upset client or customer?


In most instances a client has become upset because he/she feels your company (note: your company – not necessarily you) have wronged them in some way.  Depending on your company’s Customer Service Culture there is protocol on steps to take to get to the root of the problem.  Right now I’d like to address what you can do as far as your attitude and immediate response to an upset person.  

Regardless of who is at ‘fault’, follow these steps…

  • Remain calm for your sake and theirs. 
  • Watch your non-verbals (facial expression, body language, posture, etc..)
  • Make sure your non-verbals and verbal communication, communicate that you are at this person’s service and want to help find ‘what went wrong.’
  • You don’t need to admit FAULT (at first), however, empathize with your client.  “I’m sorry this happened, I’m going to look into this right away.” “I’m personally going to look into this right away.”  
  • Communicate to this person that this is an urgent matter, and you WILL look into it immediately.

Your client may seem upset, because they are frustrated… As the ambassador for your employer it is your job to put this person at ease.  They don’t need to see you flustered.  They need confidence that you are going to help them.  After you have done your research, use your Customer Service Strategy to relay the next steps and solution to your client.

Problems will arise.  No matter how prepared we are, there is something that slips..  It’s how we handle it that decides whether we lose clients or BUILD strong relationships.  If your client can count on you to take the right steps to solve a problem, they’ll notice that.

I hope this helps.  If you have questions, or would like to share a situation you’ve had with an upset client– please share in the comment section below.

Customer keep your business in business, hold on to them. 

At your ‘Customer Service’ service,
Margaret M. Hernandez

If you have questions or would like more information about creating your Customer Service Strategy please contact us at 888-436-7948/317-4-ANROMA or info@anromaway.com

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