A Purposeful Greeting

 A purposeful greeting:

  • Is sincere and welcoming
  • Should GUIDE your client to the next step.  Regardless, if they are first time buyers – or repeat.  GUIDE
  • Is the foundation for making a sale and building a relationship 

Take Action Regardless, of your customer’s attitude when they walk in.  Your goal is to take the focus off anything but the business they need to do in your storefront. If you are meeting a client at a coffee shop, same idea and focus.  If you are assisting someone over the phone use your voice to welcome your customer. A sincere greeting helps your client to feel comfortable talking to you, asking questions, and confident in doing business with you. 


ASAP As soon as you see, or pick up the phone – is when your FULL attention should be on your client. If you are with another customer or on the phone, give your full attention to the client who just walked in for 10 seconds to say “I’ll be right with you.” Helping another client is not a valid reason to prolong a greeting of some kind. AVOID, when answering a call saying “Thank you for calling, please hold…” or any variation. Whatever you are doing can wait another 15-20 seconds so you can give this new call some undivided attention.  


Guide As part of your Customer Service Strategy you need to always know the NEXT step.  If you are in a storefront, take note if your client a) knew where to walk to find their item b) looked lost c) looked for you. Then know what to ask.  Regardless, if you are the receptionist, sales person, or customer service rep – if you answer the phone you need to know how to guide the call and lead your customer where they need to go. Guiding is your goal, if you have never seen or spoke to this customer make sure they know that you ‘are the person who can take care of their needs.’ Do this by introducing yourself, shaking hands, and offering your assistance. Use the customer’s name and let them feel appreciated and welcomed and in good hands!

Be Specific 
Rather than say “May I help you?” or “Can I help you with something?” be more specific use your product, service and industry in what you say. When you’re on the phone use a general script of ways to guide your clients.   

You may be thinking “this is a lot of information for a Greeting blog.”  Your greeting is the foundation of that particular visit or phone call,  and in some cases your first encounter with that customer.   The majority of the time your employees are doing the greeting so make sure they understand the process and are aware of your customer service strategy! Remember, your clients have options so ‘Greet them well!’

At your ‘Customer Service’ service,
Margaret M. Hernandez
Trainer/Consultant, The ANROMA Group

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