Effects of ONE Unsatisfied Client

What could the effects be of just ONE dissatisfied customer per month in your business?

Taking into consideration every industry is different, try and fill in the number for your statistic so you can find out this useful information.  

Let’s say your business works with 50 clients (b2b, consumers, etc..) per month.  Let’s just say ONE of those 50 clients is dissatisfied (that you know of, and who shared their frustration with you). You can be sure that if ONE person experienced unsatisfactory service atleast 5 others did as well.  So that ONE is actually SIX dissatisfied clients. It’s a fact that a dissatisfied client will tell 6-10 people of their ‘terrible experience.’  Let’s say they told 8 people.  That means 48 people will know about these ‘terrible experiences.’  Fortunately, these ‘terrible experiences,’ only effect about 25% of people who will or won’t do business with you.  So of that ONE dissatisfied customer about 12 people will not do business with you.  Now if you multiply 12 by your LCV (Lifetime Client Value) you’ll know how much revenue you have lost as well.

These numbers could be more or less, but you see how ONE bad encounter can turn into much more.  

You need to evaluate your current customer service strategy.  Customer service is not simply the encounter between your employee and your client, there is a FULL strategy involved. If you numbers are higher or lower, any amount of LOST business is TOO MUCH. 

Maximize your Sales & Marketing efforts  by offering your clients EXCELLENT SERVICE!

Take time to think about this.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • We’re committed to do whatever it takes to create satisfied customers.
  • We know the features and benefits that are most important to our customers.
  • We regularly look for ways to eliminate errors based on customer experience and input.

Luckily ANROMA exists to ensure businesses have the opportunity to put such customer service programs in place. 

Contact us today, and we’ll guide you through the Customer Service Strategy.

At your ‘Customer Service’ service,
Margaret M. Hernandez


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