What is Professional Development?

What’s in it for me? Professional Development

What is Professional Development?

Professional Development can be found in a variety of methods, here’s a few:

  • Reading career related material to enhance your knowledge.
  • Becoming self-aware of your performance.
  • Attending workshops and training.
  • One-on-One coaching and consulting.
  • Higher Education and Beyond

Basically it’s the act of improving your personal and professional performance.  Whether you are interested in a promotion on the job, a new job, personal goal achievement and so on. 

The 5 above mentioned methods of professional development have something else in common.  They all require extra effort on the part of the individual.  This is when we as individual have to define our personal gain if we are to make this extra effort. Before we get to that, I suggest that we all have a list of our personal goals (long and short term, personal and professional). Once your goals are in place you can see just how important your extra effort is in achieving those goals.  

Along this journey of self awareness you will begin to unlock doors that you would have never known existed.  

What’s next?  Take a trip to the book store, search for workshops and training in your area, research your higher education options.  If you have any questions or would like further guidance we would be glad to point you in the right direction info@anromaway.com.

A portion of our Customer Relationship training and consulting methods include helping our clients to understand the foundation of professional success, which includes ongoing and multi-level professional development.

Have a great rest of the week.

Margaret M. Hernandez

The ANROMA Group – Helping Businesses Create Strong Client Relationships
info@anromaway.com l 317-4-ANROMA l
Based in the Greater L.A. Area, Serving Businesses Nationwide.

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