Clients/Sales: Why They’re Lost

Businesses lose clients & sales due to their lack of business basics.

Professionalism is Essential to Achieve Sales & Customer Service Excellence

Maturity, Wisdom, Communication, Time/Stress Management, Business Etiquette, Organization, Problem Solving, Energy, Enthusiasm and Leadership.

All traits that are necessary but rarely taught or refined.

Consumers, Clients, Customers, B2B, Patrons, your PURCHASER has unspoken requests, needs, and demands.  One of which is very simple, PROFESSIONALISM.  Besides the quality of your product or service, the deliverance from your employee is key.  Your purchaser will take their business somewhere else even if they love your product, but received poor employee interactions.

Professionalism is NOT just:

  • Mastering a polite greeting
  • Nice looking packaging materials
  • A great logo
  • Offering a customer survey

Professionalism IS:

  • Mastering overall communication (in greeting, customer service, peer-to-peer, difficult situations)
  • Seamless transactions along with a great product
  • A great logo accompanied by policies, procedures, and a company who values their business enough to offer me your purchaser a more than ‘GOOD’ experience.  Because people return to and refer a ‘GREAT and OUT-of-this-WORLD’ experience.
  • Offering a customer survey backed with actions to correct problem areas.  And truly seeking the opinion and needs of the PURCHASER.

Professionalism is understanding that without professionalism it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve unsurpassed Sales & Customer Service.  A company can not and will not survive in ANY economy without stellar Sales & Customer Service.

Invest your time and energy into your employees.  They service the most important factors of your business, YOUR PURCHASER.  Make sure they are up to par in these business basics.  90% of businesses offer product training, and never once offer a training in professionalism.

I hope this blog falls on the right ears, I mean eyes.  As a community and country we want to see businesses grow and help our economy.  This is a great place to start.

ANROMA offers professional development training, and as I’ve mentioned in other blogs there are several ways to receive development.  Contact us we are glad to help, it’s our passion and mission.

Margaret M. Hernandez
Founder, The ANROMA Group

The ANROMA Group
Based in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Serving Businesses Nationwide    317-4-ANROMA
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