CRM Software History

Lauren Carlson,
from Software Advice
shares this dynamic
history of CRM

Customer Service & Sales Professionals, Account Managers, Entrepreneurs, Managers & Business Owners.

One of the greatest components of Customer Service Excellence, is the ability to stay organized and have a database of interactions and needs of your clients.  Regardless of industry, business size, geographic location, etc.. you must have a system of keeping track of your clientele.  This system (CRM) also helps you track potential clients and leads.

If you were to Google “CRM software,” you’re going to find a variety of software, hosts, and solutions (with a variety of costs).  Finding the CRM that’s right for you is key!

In the above article, Lauren, has put together a wonderful timeline of the evolution from contact management to customer relationship management. What does this mean to us? Be on the look out for what’s to come.  Many companies are configuring new systems.  Many to be used in conjunction with our Google Apps accounts and iPhones.   We all have our own needs. 


Take a moment and read this timeline, and gather your thoughts about what you want and need in a CRM.  If you need any guidance please contact ANROMA and we’ll help you find the right product.
Have a great week,
Margaret M. Hernandez


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