The Alchemy of Great Work

The Alchemy of Great Work – Box of Crayons

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POSTED BY: Margaret M. Hernandez AT 11:37 am | Permalink | E-mail this (Inland Empire) shared this via Facebook I fell in love with the simplicity and power in the message.

The message: The work you do falls into 3 categories Bad Work, Good Work, and GREAT Work. The video describes the attributes of each category. In my experience many, many, many of today’s business see MUCH good work. The work that ‘keep people busy in a comfortable rut.’ This is the type of work that keeps you productive yet not very innovative.

GREAT Work, this is where the Success Party starts. Great work is the work that makes a difference. Whether you are an entrepreneur, sales person, manager, receptionist, stay at home, no matter what your role in life there is a way to achieve your responsibility in a GREAT way. Great work connect the HEART, Mind, and Hands – what a great thought! This type of work and thinking takes courage and perseverance.

One of my favorite points Box of Crayons makes, it’s stepping out to the EDGE of who you are – and the possibilities of who you could be! Watch the video because it give you a great formula to help get you out of the rut.

ANROMA is all about motivating each of us to achieve our best – for the sake of all around success. You may consider the fact that even though you are doing GREAT WORK, you may not see an immediate pay off in more pay or even recognition. Sometimes these things take time in the workplace. But find your open doors and use tact to showcase your work, and be consistent!

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Video by Box of Crayons

Margaret M. Hernandez
Founder, The ANROMA Group

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