Customer Service and Social Media

A Successful Customer Service Strategy looks like this:
  • Receives feedback from their customer base to better the customer experience.
  • Retains their customers, gains referrals.
  • Uses the strategy to gain more revenue from their base.
  • Offers ‘Ways to Wow.’  A memorable experience.

There are several aspects and avenues to customer service.  Bottom line, you must find a strategy and plan that works for your business.  Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, manager, business owner this needs to be a focus in your business.  You must have a strategy to keep your customers EXCITED to come back to you.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the list goes on… These are examples of social media sites, with viewers in the HUNDREDS of millions nationwide alone. More than half of these users have access to log in and browse on their mobile device.  Chances are, your target customer spends any where from 2-6 hours in the social media world. 

How can you use social media to enhance the customer experience?

  • Online Chat
  • Discussion Board/Room
  • Question/Answers


  • You customers want to know you CARE
  • They want quick RESOLUTIONS
  • They want to be HEARD

Social media is a low-cost way to interact with your customers and potential customers.  When you have a strategy in place you will see an increase in sales and referrals as a result to your commitment to your customers.  You can turn an upset customer into a grateful customer who trusts you. 

Customer Service the Social Media Way!  Plan out your strategy today.

In January The ANROMA Group and Eydie Stumpf (Social Media Expert) will be helping business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs like yourself plan their “Customer Service the Social Media Way” with a 2-day interactive workshop.  Contact us for more details.. 888-436-7948.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  In an effort to grow your business, we urge you to show your customers appreciation by delivering legendary customer service!

Margaret M. Hernandez
Founder, The ANROMA Group

The ANROMA Group l Tools for your Small Business
Employee/Mgmt Training – Customer Service Strategy – Web & Social Media Development     317-4-ANROMA     Upcoming Events

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