Robots in the Workplace

ROBOTS in the Workplace                
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Characteristic of a WR (Workplace Robot):

  • Adheres to the guidelines set before them in their job description.
  • Arrives on time, takes breaks at appropriate times.
  • Services customers in a standard way. 
  • All in all, this employee plays by the book – which is NOT necessarily a bad thing.  However, where do the problems come in?


  • Every client is different, therefore ONE way of addressing a client will not WIN that clients business forever.
  • Opportunities come in a variety of packages, it’s imperative that employees are trained to SPOT opportunity, and know how to proceed.  With a think-outside-the-box mentality. 
  • When there is a service issue customers are NEVER pleased with a standard answer such as ‘sorry, that’s our policy.’  There are ways to stick to policy, and at the same time appeasing the customer.

For the sake of time I want to stop the bullets here.  These are some points to consider in your business.  If you are an employee, providing CUSTOMER SERVICE Excellence will ultimately help you (less headache, more praise, more opportunity.)

How can I prevent ‘Robots in my Workplace’ mentality?

  • Participate in a team-building exercise.
  • Include your team in brainstorms and meetings.
  • Create a culture where your employees feel a part of the big picture.

Have a great week.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us or call 317-4-ANROMA

Based in the Greater LA Area, Serving Businesses Nationwide.

Margaret M. Hernandez

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