Check In, Check Up

Check-In, Check-Up

Of the goals/resolutions you created:

  • how are you tracking your progress?
  • Are you proud of your progress?
  • Do you feel like you’ve already given up?
  • Did you inadvertently forget you set a goal?

Why set goals in the first place?  Goals help us achieve more in our life time.  They allow us to expore uncharted territory.  Achieving goals no matter how ‘great’ or ‘small’ opens doors, and becomes the foundation of BIGGER success. 

Never underestimate the power of a ‘small’ goal. 

Ask yourself, am I doing all that I can to achieve this dream before me? 

If you answer Yes, that’s wonderful.  Celebrate your small and large successes and milestones.

If you answer No, nows the time.  There truly is no better time then the present.  No matter how many time you feel like you ‘failed’ get back UP, and try again. 

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Margaret M. Hernandez
ANROMA Way ® Advisor

ANROMA is the visonary leader of customer service solutions to all businesses.

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