A Balance in Your Business

Can you relate to the photo to the right? 

As an employee and as a customer?  Far too often our customers feel this way.  This type of frustration will cause a client to visit us less frequently or worse – completely stop doing business with the company all together.

What can an individual employee and an organization do to alleviate and rid their customer of this stress altogether?

Simple, Learn to balance the needs of the company and the client.


Before you can balance anyone’s needs, you need to know what the needs are in the first place.  Do a survey of your employees and your customers.  Determine where are the pain points.  In doing that, as an organization you balance where you can reduce frustration for your clients and at the same time save unnecessary costs for your business.

If you do a good enough review you will find 90% of customer relief is through LOW to NO COST to the company.  It’s simply a gesture of efficiency and excellent customer service.

Remember, before your employees can actually give excellent customer service – they need guidance.  Although many employees are asked to ‘work independently’ they need a guide and expectations.  They need to know how to fix problems or have a dependable source for problem resolution.  Then and only then will they have the tools to deliver excellent customer service.

We wish you a prosperous and productive week.

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Margaret M. Hernandez
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