Employee Engagement

Typically your employees fall into 1 of 3 Categories: Engaged, Not-Engaged, ACTIVELY-Disengaged.

By doing a quick look through you can determine which category each employee falls into. 

Some signs of each:

Engaged: Employee receives feedback openly, handles his/her duties, looks for ways to improve and impress, typically someone who is a candidate for promotion and opportunity, a self starter, and passionate.

Not – Engaged: This is your robot employee, does what they need to, meets the requirements, Clock In/Clock Out – Get Paycheck – Repeat, no real energy or effort.

Actively Disengaged: This person truly tries to get away with the BARE MINIMUM and have the attitude to go with it. Enough Said.

You will never have a uniform work staff.  However, you can help your employees find their strengths and encourage them to a better performance.  Your employees are the face of your company, they are your hand and ideas extended.  If one employee is actively disengaged you better believe that one person IS effecting your business in some way. 

Every person has a key, and every person is passionate about something.  If you are a leader, then it’s your job to make sure your team stays motivated, on task, and is achieving results.

Think about it.  On a professional level, how much do you know about your team?  Are you confident you do all you can do as a leader to promote success within your company (team building, one-on-one’s, etc..)?

Employees build or break relationships with your customers.  As part of your customer service you need to fuel your employees.

Have a great week!
-The ANROMA Team

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