Operations from a Customer Service POV

Customer Service Excellence
Customer Service is more than an interaction between employee and client.


I hope this Thursday evening blog finds you well. 
Today I’d like to chat about:
Operations from a
Customer Service
Point of View.
At ANROMA our whole focus is customer service – development and training.  Our approach is not simply to help employees to communicate better with clients.  Our approach is to first make sure there is a goal in mind, along with a plan on how to achieve said goals.
Keep in mind as you configure your customer service plan, every department is indeed a part of customer service.  Whether direct or indirect they are a part of the service to the client.
Here are a few things to be aware of:
  • Make sure managers are communicating.
  • Make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.
  • Work together as a TEAM, the entire organization.
  • Make sure your employees know their role in the big picture.
  • Have procedure in place for as many situations as you can think of..
    Preventative measures will save you, your team, and the organization much frustration and surprise later…

This is just a short list to get you headed in the right direction.  Step back and take a look at your operations as a whole, from a customer service pov.  Are you as a company, departmentally, and individually doing all you can to create WOW moments for your values customers?

For more information you can call ANROMA.
8-6p PST

Tomorrow we will be unvailing our new site developmentandtraining.co.
We will offer our visitors several complimentary tools to get them on the path of WOW Customer Service Culture in their business.

Have a great night,
Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Way Advisor

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