1 STEP to a Happier YOU

To clarify there is a huge difference between ‘Wasting Time’ and ‘Down Time.’

If you are confident that you are fulfilling your responsibilities to the best of your ability.  Then anytime you spend during ‘Down Time,’ which for you may be only 30 minutes -or so a day, is warrented and needed. 

If you are slacking in areas, and in some areas even not fulfilling your responsibilities then your ‘Down Time,’ may in fact be ‘Wasting Time.’

Time Management is a lot like, Money Management.  As you are more efficient with your use of time (even if this means ‘Go, Go, Go..’ for  hours and days) in order to catch up on tasks and responsibilities – in the long run you are creating efficiencies.  To the point where you can schedule your ‘You’ time. 

1 STEP to a Happier You

Identify time wasters in your life that are preventing you from enjoying the peace of mind – that things are getting done!

ACTION: Today or tomorrow make a list starting with the time you wake until the time you go to bed- in increments of 30 minutes and fill in the slots with how you spent your time (exercised, ate, Facebook, shopped, stared at the wall, worked, chatted, etc..)

NEXT:  Look at your things to do list.  Notice a task that was pushed over until ‘tomorrow?’  Was there any time slot that contained a time waster that could have been time spent to complete a task – or at least get a task started?

LASTLY: Obvious next step, replace what is wasting your time – for what is profitable and productive.

How does this make you happy?
Think of your most recent accomplishment, the last time you had a to-do list and you crossed off a bunch of tasks.  Didn’t that feel so good?  Relief, Peace, Accomplishment, Motivation to do more.. The list goes on and on.  As human beings we are inspired by our own accomplishments. 

I promise you, as you become more organized and make better use of your time, you will have MORE ‘down time.’  Just like a savings plan, if you budget and use your money wisely – you will find that in a couple of months you would have saved for a longer/better vacation than if you splurged on one the second you thought of going.  Right? Planning is good!  Enjoy the fruits of your labor, but first you have to labor.

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Make  it a great day,
Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Way, Advisor

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