7 Life Enhancing Reasons to PLAN

Plan, Plan, Plan: Day, Week, Meals, Weekends, Chores, Things to Do, Goals, and more.  There are a variety of life events that should be planned.  The purpose of planning is to be as prepared as can be and to live in a more efficient way. 

Speaking from a very spontaneous point of view, just because you plan DOES NOT mean you can’t be spontaneous or think out of the box.  Actually when you think ahead and plan you actually see more opportunity!

Take time to plan and enjoy these 7 benefits!

  1. Shape Future Events  When you have a plan, you give yourself the advantage over future circumstances and over the unexpected.
  2. Achieve Milestones  “Since I’ve begun to plan my meals, It’s been 4 weeks since I ate fast food.”  “By planning the amount of time I spend in sales, I have hit my sales goal 4 months in a row!”  As individuals it’s important to give ourselves a ‘pat on the back,’ milestones create just the right reason and concrete evidence that show we deserve it.
  3. A More Organized, YOU  As you plan you will see that you have less miss appointments, more free time to spend doing whatever you want, and experience a decrease in stress.
  4. Narrow Your Choices and Options “Great, what do I do now?” When you plan you set yourself up to see different options and help you to easily weigh pros and cons.
  5. A  Clearer Path A combination of planning, a more organized you, and easier decision-making you’ll notice a much clearer path to achieve you short and long-term goals.
  6. Stimulate Your Mind Accomplishment is the best way to stimulate ones mind.  You’ll be motivated to conquer more – and the more challenges you complete the bigger the reward.
  7. Make the Best Use of Your Time Time is so precious, it’s one thing we have almost no control over.  Just think 5-15 minutes of planning will free up so much time in the long run.  Start with the basics, as you create a habit (21 days) you’ll get more detailed.

We wish you all the best in your planning efforts.  Stay tuned to further time-management centered posts.  The first step to professional and personal excellence is to manage your TIME.

Make  it a great day,
Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Way, Advisor

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