3 Ways to Make the Most of MONDAY!

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Monday is always one of those dreaded days (for most people).  It begins the first day of a 5 day stretch of work, carpool, and countless other responsibilities.  Well I can’t snap my finger and make these things disappear but I can help you enjoy your Monday and the rest of your week just a little more.


As we mentioned in the article ‘1 Step to a Happier You‘ we mentioned the personal benefit of accomplishment.  So here are the 3 ways to make the most of Monday that we promised.

  1. Take a look at your Things-to-do list.  Anything on there more than 1-2-3-5+ weeks old?  Challenge yourself to accomplish ONE task this week that has been on your mind for more than a week. 
  2. REWARD yourself when it’s complete. Instead of rewarding yourself before you hit milestones or goals.  Let that be your treat.  Yes, you deserve all the luxuries you afford yourself.  But if you want to really start seeing differences in your life – change the way you look at accomplishment and reward.
  3. On this beautiful Monday, give yourself the gift of organization.  Look back at your Things-to-do list and schedule some time to work on the bigger projects.  When you schedule time (even if it’s 15min) you are making progress! 

I know these tips aren’t going to make you a million dollars (right away), but start somewhere.  Depending on your current organization system, you may need to start with small but mighty changes. 

I can guarantee that even the person with a very organized schedule has tasks and projects that get put on the back burner.  Schedule to accomplish your goals and projects.

We welcome your feedback. 
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Make  it a great day,
Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Way, Advisor

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