Definition of Customer Service?

One website defined customer service as: business department dealing with customers: a department of a business that deals with routine inquiries and complaints from or disputes with customers

Well, that is somewhat true.  There is usually a department who will be the mouthpiece of the company to the customer.  However, the act of ‘customer service’ is an effort of the entire company.

Every department whether you interact with the customer or not, lends a hand in the servicing of your customer.  When departments lack communication – the customer is effected.  The customer service department simply communicates with the client, and hears the accolades and/or frustrations of the customer.  But the customer service department has no control over the surrounding departments.

Rule of thumb?
Know your role in the customer service process.  If you’re in HR or Admin, you absolutely have a role in the happiness and satisfaction of your company’s customer. 

Wait? HR? Yes, your specific role is to engage with your employees.  Make sure employee morale is UP.  Motivated employees are top producing and over achieving.  All of this is to help your organization succeed, if they succeed, YOU SUCCEED.

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