This Magic Monday….

“So different and so new… Was like any other until I changed my attitude…” (to the tune of ‘This Magic Moment’ if you didn’t notice.)

I want to impart something to you today. ..

This morning as we all face the alarm clock, what to wear, what to eat, sit in traffic, as we remember what a relaxing or exciting weekend we had.  We walk into work looking at the first of 5 full days of 8+ hour shifts.  Wow, doesn’t that sound like a drudge?  Yes, all those things may be true.  But if you just tweak the way you look at the day you may make things much better for yourself.

First: You have to be there so you should make the most of it.

  • Tackle a work related project/task (or two or three) this week that you keep putting off.
  • Avoid drama and negative influences (people, music, tv, internet sites, etc..)
  • Choose a form of professional/self-development take an online course, look into a seminar, read a book or articles..
  • Ask your supervisor how you’re doing.  If that scares you and you know that you have troublesome areas, start making strides in the right direction (then ask).

Second:  Most of need to work to financially support life.

  • Since you are there you should make the best of it.
  • Since you are there you should test and challenge yourself.
  • Be aware of opportunities for growth.

Third: Monday doesn’t have to be the horrible day that society makes it out to be.

  • Make Monday the first day for a new set of weekly goals.
  • Reward yourself for your accomplishment on Friday.
  • Make Monday your weekly “Jan 1st” we all love resolutions!

Remember, persistence breaks downs barriers!  If you didn’t make it this week keep trying!

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Make  it a great day,
Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Way, Advisor

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