Easy as ABC. Enjoy Monday – Thursday!

Most people spend an average of 45 hours of their week at their workplace.  Which is most of the daylight hours of our whole life.  Isn’t it at our best interest to explore 5 Ways to Enjoy Monday through Thursday? (This creates your WOW Culture)

  1. It all starts with A, get your ATTITUDE in gear.  You can experience an attitude change, just by a simple shift in how you look at a situation.  If you spend any amount of time on Facebook or Twitter you can gauge who chooses to look at the bright side, and who doesn’t.  Which do you observe to actually be the better choice?  Granted we live in an imperfect world and experience a variety of hardship.  In order to persevere we must be able to maintain a successful attitude.  If you can begin to see the glass as half full – you will see circumstance change.
  2. Be willing to “become the change you want to see.”  If asked, many of us would have suggestions on how to better the workplace and workflow processes.  Be proactive.  Let your manager know of your interest and thoughts.  When approaching a manager or supervisor make sure you have a good attitude, and you ask them if it’s a good time to chat (or schedule a time). 
  3. Captivate your mind with goal achievement, action, and the understanding that your current job/career/position is all part of the fuel for your life.  Instead of trying to get away with just doing the bare minimum challenge yourself to maybe fix a problem, streamline a process, or overcome a challenge.  Be Consistent and watch the opportunity come along.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen in my own career and the careers of my clients that one project has led to new positions and promotions. 

Remember, the customer service you provide leads to the success of the company who employs you.  If you don’t necessarily speak or see the customers in your company, remember your job function is still a huge part of the customer service.  Keep your customers excited to return to you!

Find joy and accomplishment Monday through Thursday and that will make the weekend even more satisfying and spectacular.  Email CAT@anromaway.com if you have any questions!

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Make  it a great day,
Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Way, Advisor

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