We interviewed business owner Andrea Guzman of Glisten Boutique to share with us her expertise in sunless tanning. 

Andrea has a background in business, fashion, health and beauty.  It’s an honor to have her in the ANROMA spotlight.

For more information you can contact us or Glisten Boutique  directly via the links below.

Spotlight on Glisten Boutique

Benefits – Info – Fun Fact – Special Offer!

Why did you start the business?
I always had a passion to start something that was 100% mine, I chose Mobile Sunless Tanning because it gives me a chance to show people a healthier way to get that fabulous look without causing any long-term damage to their skin

Benefits of Sunless Tanning?
The #1 Benefit to Sunless tanning is it does not cause CANCER. While it is impossible to go through life out of the sun and its harmful rays it is not impossible to stay out of tanning beds! Just don’t go.  Sunless tanning offers instant results without the damage that may or may not be visible

What should we know about sunless tanning?
People often have the misconception that “Spray Tanning” or “Sunless Tanning” turns you ORANGE.  That is 100% false, while there are hundreds of different products on the market for this type of service when done by a professional in a professional setting the results are actually just the opposite!

Fun fact?
Our services are MOBILE, Yes Mobile!  I started this mainly because being a Monday to Friday career woman and having numerous friends with children we always talk about how impossible it is to get anywhere and get those few minutes to ourselves.  Glisten Boutique takes one step out that for you!

Thank you Andrea for sharing your expertise with us.  We all want the tan, but we don’t want the damage to our skin.  We definitely want to protect ourselves as much as possible.  I’ve seen celebrities rave about sunless tanning and spray parties at their house.  You’re giving all of us this great opportunity.  On behalf of ANROMA we wish you much success! 

“Glisten Boutique is a mobile sunless tanning service that delivers 
complete, streak free coverage and the glowing skin that you

Book your mobile tan today, mention this ANROMA Spotlight to receive 20% off your next order.

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Have a great rest of the week!

Margaret M. Hernandez
The ANROMA Group

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