5 Habits of a ‘WOW’d Customer

5 Habits of a ‘WOW’d Customer

    1. Willingness to try new products based on your recommendation
    2. Refers your product to other people
    3. Shares information about your product and company via social media
    4. Patient and understanding if there is ever a complication
    5. Eagerness to purchase more and more frequently!

Are you seeing these trends in your customers? If so, many of your customers or a select one or two?  Many times an organization will have a small percentage of their total associates who really give 100% to their clients.  Often times those clients who come in contact with that small percentage of employees are more likely to be a WOW’d Customer.

Managers and business owners have the job of making sure every employee is producing WOW’d Customers.  How do they do that?

How do managers and business owners make sure each employee is producing WOW’d Customers:

  1. They need specific guidelines from their leadership
  2. Their motivation needs to stay constant
  3. There needs to be incentive (incentives come in MANY forms)
  4. The entire organization needs to be on board.

When the employees are producing excellent work you WILL see growth in your WOW’d Customer database.  You WILL notice higher and more frequent sales.

The Key to Customer Service Excellence
Efficiency – Communication – Team Unity

 Customer Service excellence is NOT a choice, it’s your most powerful tool  for building your business.

We wish you a great week here at ANROMA.  If you have questions or would like to talk in greater depth about this conversation we welcome your comments and direct emails.

Margaret M. Hernandez

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