ANROMA Spotlight: Sara Sierra Hair Extensions

This ANROMA Spotlight is on Sara Sierra Hair Extensions.

Question:  Have you ever wondered how celebrities have perfect hair, healthy, voluminous -the whole 9.  Well if you look further you will find that hair extensions are more than likely the key to that perfect look.  I personally know people who swear by extensions.  I think they’re amazing.

Let’s take this spotlight over to the artist herself.  Here is some information to help us understand the amazingness that is Sara Sierra Hair Extensions.

Brief history of the business: Sara Sierra is a Hair Extension Specialist of 24 years.  She does all methods of hair extensions in addition to her own methods, and is well known for her quality work and artistry.  She has been an integral part of popularizing hair extensions, and her inventions and new methods in progress promise to revolutionize a field that already has been marked with much success.
Benefits: Hair extensions can provide fullness, length and beauty to anyone’s hair type and or style. Hair extensions can instantly make clients look younger and more radiant looking.


What you want people to know and what they should know: With the popularization of Hair Extensions has come a wave of very uneducated individuals that are being turned out of numerous “one day classes” or short hair extension seminars, that send these un-experienced individuals out into the hair extensions field. Hence, as of late, there have been many hair extensions “horror stories” due to jobs done by the above mentioned in-experienced individuals. Having hair extensions should only boost confidence, enhance beauty, and be a painless process.  

Fun fact: Sara Sierra has had numerous celebrity clientele including; Lady Gaga, Halle Berry, Madonna, and Sandra Bullock.  


Thank you! If it’s good enough for Sandra it’s good enough for me!
In all seriousness Sara Sierra is a master at what she does.  I believe if you’re going to invest in extensions, you must go to the expert.  Sara Sierra Hair Extensions.  Please see their gracious special below.
General Starting Prices:
Full head of individuals with hair starting at: $ 1,000.00
Full head of wefts with hair starting at: $ 900.00


If you mention this add you are eligible for a free house call consultation and 20% off of first time services.

You can reach Sara Sierra Hair Extensions directly:

Sequoia Sierra, Administrator

If you would like to have your business in the spotlight just give us a ring.  We’d love to, this is a service The ANROMA Group provides to promote businesses in our network! Whoo!

Margaret M. Hernandez

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