Who is ANROMA?

Customer Service SolutionsANROMA offers Customer Service Centered Business Consulting and Employee Training.  We help businesses engage employees, increase sales and productivity, and achieve customer service excellence!

We are the Customer Service Training you’ve NEVER experienced before!

Bottom line – your customers keep you in business. They have a variety of needs, wants, and flat-out demands.

ANROMA through experience, R & D, and expertise found the formula for the ultimate customer experience. Your customer must be WOW’d! WOW comes in a variety of shapes and sized. It looks quite different based on company size, market, industry, and so on. You must embrace your own WOW Culture and NEVER stray from it.

For those of us who own our own business – we are no different than employees. If we interact with our customers we must also present WOW. This is vital to sustain, retain, and cultivate strong customer relationships. The statistics are true, it costs less to retain a current client then it does to gain a new one. It’s also true that repeat customers spend more.

In further research ANROMA has conducted, the clients you build relationships with are more likely to take your advice and suggestions.

For those of you who have employees – you must get your employees on board. You need to lead and guide them to WOW. Employees are smart but they aren’t mind readers, you need to help them understand the vision and mission of your company. Your employees need to approach their job and position with passion and the will to do the best. How do you do that? You motivate and keep them motivated with WOW Culture.

Let’s talk about it!

Our message is a message of achieving more and being the best! All of us are contributing to the economic recovery and future growth of our Country.

Your WOW culture will make you even more successful at what you do!


Margaret M. Hernandez

The ANROMA Group offers customer service focused business consulting and employee training. more info

The ANROMA Group is proud to present:
The ANROMA Way © Professional Development Training more info
Wow Culture for Your Business more info

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