A Tribute to Small Business

As many of you know this week we celebrated National Small Business Week.  I hope you found some way to celebrate your accomplishments and as a whole we had the opportunity to reflect on the fact that small business plays a huge part in the economy of this country.

Starting and growing my business has been challenging, mind numbing, exhausting, brain racking, trying, and so on!   On the other hand there is nothing more breathtaking, exciting, rewarding, rejuvenating, and AMAZING then starting this business. I LOVE WHAT I DO.

When you start a business – no matter how much research you do or people you talk to.  You WILL have your own learning and growing period.  You’ll think to yourself ‘people just don’t know what I’m going through.’  They probably don’t, everyone’s experience is different.  But HOLD ON and be steadfast.  Continue to do your due diligence and you will reach your mark, you will achieve your goals, the thing you’ve dreamed about and day dreamed about WILL be your reality.  Keep growing your business to the next level.  Evolve with your customers, be where they are – engage them!

As we all know – having a great product or service is only a part of a business.  You have to market and sell this business!  That can be challenging at times especially if this is your first stab at it. Utilize the tools at your fingertips.  Our country gives the small business community a ton of FREE resources, USE THEM.  They want to help and they are a huge resource for you. (links below)  Don’t seek help in the beginning only – continual development and improvement is vital!  Programs like the IEWBC exist for that purpose.

I’m so proud to be a member of the small business community.  Thank you small business for creating so much opportunity for employment and economic development in our country.  Let’s not forget to give back to the community or lend a hand to another up and coming small business.

Whether you work out of your home or your numbers are so large you are on the verge of becoming too big to be classified as a small business – what you do is important! 

My parting advice:

  • Have a plan – YES, a business plan.
  • WOW your customers, so they stay loyal to you.
  • Work with strategic partners.
  • Give back to your community.
  • Consult with mentors (free links below) on topics you want assistance in – Sales, Speaking, Employee Training, HR, etc.. (you might need to hire consultants to grow your business if you need their expertise.)
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.
  • Make sure you are doing something you LOVE.

This was the ANROMA tribute to Small Business Week. Below are links to some great resources.  If we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our company focuses on helping businesses achieve CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE!

FREE Small Business Help Tools:
Inland Empire Women’s Business Center
SCORE Mentors
Institute for Women Entrepreneurs
APTAC – Government Contract Help

Small Business Administration – SBA

Margaret M. Hernandez

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