For the Love of Your WOW Culture

Why Your Customers are Loyal To You.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Go WOW, or Go Home.

For the Love of Your WOW Culture!

Whether on purpose or planned, or simply in the name of customer service.  If you have a repeat client base you have done something right to retain your clients. When they return to you, or refer friends and peers it’s because you’ve done something to WOW them.  The WOW feeling your clients get moves them to act in a certain way:

  • To choose your product/service over someone else’s
  • To try something new because of your suggestion.
  • To refer their network of friends and peers.

If the company I described above is NOT you, you might see a client once and then you never see them again. Well, you need to do something about it NOW. DO NOT blame a down economy.  Americans are spending money, maybe not as much or as quickly – but they are spending.  So now more than ever you need to WOW them.  People are watching their dollars – they want value, service, and a promise.  Can you? Are you? giving that to them?

Customer aside, if you didn’t care if your customers were WOW’d are not.  As a business owner you need to care about your ROI of any marketing and sales tactics that you’re implementing and spending money on.  You have sales and marketing teams putting together great campaigns, the clients are coming in – but they aren’t buying or they aren’t returning.

Your clients are the ‘bread and butter’ of your success.  If they weren’t buying, regardless of your great product – you’d be in severe trouble. 

WOW Culture is:

  • A plan to create loyal customers
  • The ultimate SALES tool
  • The fuel of your ROI regarding your marketing efforts
  • The tool for maximum employee engagement
  • Your answer to fostering a positive & successful work environment

If you don’t read anything else, those bullets say it all.   Make sure you have a plan of success to motivate your managers, engage  your employees, and WOW your clients.

Margaret M. Hernandez

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