Spotlight: Milk & Honey Cakery

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Here’s why… 

This week we had the privelidge of interviewing Ms. Megan Downs of Milk & Honey Cakery.  I first saw Megan’s cakes through Facebook.  Brilliant, unique, and perfect is how I would describe my reaction to seeing her cakes.  Let’s see what Megan has to say!
The creativity, perfect lines, and indescribably deliciousness has set Megan in a class of her own.

How Did Milk & Honey Cakery Start?
My love for baking took off when I started attending a culinary program through my high school my junior year, then I started making cakes for my friends and family. After graduating high school I was accepted into The Culinary Institute of America as well as Johnson and Wales University ( the top two culinary schools in the country ) which were both several hours away from home ( Napa Valley and Charlotte, NC ). I planned on going to one of them, but with life and my already existing passion for what I was doing I decided to start my own company at 18 years old. Milk & Honey Cakery is growing steadily and I am so happy I made the choice to follow my dreams.

Megan, what are the benefits of ordering a cake creation from Milk & Honey Cakery?
Milk and Honey Cakery makes tailored cakes at a very ‘sweet’ price. These are not grocery store cakes at a grocery store price BUT I promise you will get a cake you adore that is much less expensive than most specialty cake shops. And these are not box cake mixes, it’s the real deal!
“Ok, Yum!  The cake you made me was so gorgeous I almost died when it was time to cut it.”
What is something you would like your fans to know?
Milk & Honey Cakery makes all cakes, all fillings, all icing from scratch! I use recipes from my grandmother and some I’ve created myself. Every cake is made with the customer in mind. You choose the flavor, you choose the design and every aspect of your cake will be made custom for you. Your cake will be a creation from your imagination and mine.
Fun fact:
There isn’t a single party theme that Milk & Honey Cakery couldn’t find a sensational and creative cake design for!
Special Offer if you mention this article:
Milk & Honey Cakery will offer free delivery for your order. (one per reader)

Friends, the cake is the main event of a party.  It’s special – and Megan agrees.  No two cakes are the same.  These are created especially for us!  ‘LIKE’ her Facebook Page, take advantage of the FREE DELIVERY.

Megan, people love what you do!  Congrats on all your success.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Margaret M. Hernandez

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