From ‘Clock Watching’ to ‘Opportunity Seeking’

Staying Focused
on the #1 Priority: 
Client Satisfaction.

Most importantly, what’s in it for you?

When you’re working with a variety of clients and customers, you will face trying situations -no question.   All pride, self, and hurry aside.  Focus on satisfying each and every client who comes your way.  In doing this you will run into LESS problems.  Clients can tell when you’re giving them an attitude or when you’re rushing them.  If you provoke the right personality, they will make sure to give you as much ‘trouble’ as possible. 

Don’t operate this way.  It does nothing for YOU.  What it does is cause more stress, conflict, and bad energy on you.  Your client wants to be your friend.  I guarantee if you operate in a ‘WOW, can do’ attitude you’ll experience seamless and more pleasant interactions. 

You will go from ‘clock watching’ to ‘opportunity seeking.’  Our jobs are such a huge part of our life.  We must choose to be proactive and not live in a humdrum state of mind. 

Stay Focused on the #1 Priority: Client Satisfaction. 
What’s in it for you?:

    • Create a more positive workplace.
    • Increase your sales and production.
    • Newly found fulfillment in your work.
    • Open the door to opportunity and innovation.

The goal of the organization you work for is ‘client satisfaction’ (at least one would hope).  Stay focused and watch the opportunities come.  The more successful the organization – the more opportunity that comes along. 

Become a leader in your position.  WOW everyone around you.  Be eager to exceed the expectation set before you, I dare you. Send us your results.  We want to hear from you.

The art of salesmanship – is creating memorable client experiences to build relationships.  Relationships the produce revenue – via repeat business and referrals!

Margaret M. Hernandez

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