Know. Like.Trust.

Know. Like. Trust.

The Key Elements to Winning Customer Relationships

In today’s world our clients have options.  While it’s important to make sure your target audience know
how you can help them and why they need you, it’s just as important for them to Know.Like.Trust you. 

Are you fulfilling the  Know.Like.Trust factor?  Better yet, are your employees?


In order for someone to ‘like’ you.  They need to know you (at least one would hope).  Just kidding. 

How can I get my audience to know me better?

  • Depending on your industry give your target the chance to get to know you.  Maybe offer a coupon/offer to try you. 
  • Or if it’s a better fit offer a workshop, webinar, or free introduction and consultation. 
  • Engage socially.  Have an online presence of some kind.  A place where people can read ‘what’s on your mind.’   Be interesting.  Don’t bombard your social media with sales and special offers.  Think of cool facts to share about your industry.


Do your clients like you?  Could you hold a non-business related conversation with your client about the weather or your favorite restaurant.  Sometimes we have really high opinion of ourselves and would right away say ‘Yes, my clients like me.’ Without really having a basis to say that. 

How do I know if my clients like me? 

  • Are they using your services/product? If not, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like you.  They may not know you.


Before someone can trust you.  Do a self evaluation – are you trustworthy?  Do you have the best interest of your client at heart.  If not,  then don’t expect to trust to ever come.  Also, don’t expect lifetime relationships.  If you gain a client but operate in dishonesty in any way you’ll lose them and the chance of referrals.  Dishonesty doesn’t just come in extreme form, such as fraud.  It can come in ‘minor’ form.  Cheating: on effort, time, going back on your word, lying, white lies, and so on.

Can your client trust that you will do what you say you will?

  • Do you take forever to return a call?
  • Do you take forever to complete work?
  • Do you do what you say you’re able to do?

Ask yourself these questions and you’ll get your answer.  A client will do business with you if they can trust that you’ll do what you say you’ll do.

Bottom Line.

Thousands, Tens of Thousands, and Millions of dollars go into marketing your company.  ‘Spreading the word’ getting yourself in front of your target market.  When that great effort leads to new initial sales – you have just embarked on the next part of business: Client retention. 

Your clients will return if they Know.Like.Trust you.

Your questions and comments are welcomed.  You can email them to me directly.  Also, we are now offering individual coaching (great for business owners and managers)!  Call me for a free introduction and consultation.

Margaret M. Hernandez

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