12 Point Customer Service Check

As a customer service excellence advocate I believe every company should have a Client Retention Plan to use as a  part of their daily operations.  By doing so you will increase profit, employee morale, and improve production.  I’ll share with you 12 areas to develop in your business to make sure you are WOW’ing your clients and customers.

The ANROMA Group celebrates the 4th of JulyBefore I continue I’d like to say Happy 235th Birthday, America!  I hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend.  And had a moment to reflect on our country.  Asking what us as individuals can do to aid in the success of this great nation.

12 point Customer Service Check.  Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself.  When you do – you’ll naturally find the areas that are not being monitored or developed.  The ‘economy’  isn’t necessarily the reason why you aren’t seeing repeat business.  Of course in some instances this may be the case, however, the U.S. is still seeing millions of dollars spent industry wide.

Raising customer service awareness:

  1. Are you monitoring, measuring, keeping track of repeat clients?
  2. Are you reaching out to your past/present clients?
  3. Are you receiving feedback from your clients via survey or focus group?
  4. Are you fully (meaning making sure the internal problem does not become a pattern) resolving any client issues that come your way?
  5. Are you fully confident in the customer service provided by all of your employees.
  6. Are you actively using social media to engage your customers (above and beyond posting status messages)?
  7. Are you receiving daily/weekly/monthly positive comments from your customers (about service, product, other)?
  8. Are you noticing a trend of one-time clients?
  9. Are your marketing efforts attracting your target client?
  10. Are you seeing the ROI you’d like from your marketing efforts?
  11. Is your current customer service plan working?
  12. Are you measuring the up-sell opportunity in your customer service efforts?

Your questions and comments are welcomed.  You can email them to me directly.  Also, we are now offering individual coaching and total social media management.  Call me for a free introduction and consultation.

Margaret M. Hernandez

Business Success is
Customer & Employee Loyalty

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