The Future of Customer Service, is NOW.

A once-in-a-generation transformation of customer service is taking place right before our eyes.  It is changing the way businesses interact with their customers and the expectations of customers towards companies. Social technologies have altered both the expectations of customers and the responsibilities and capabilities of corporations.

For your businesses the ‘type’ of social technology fit for your company depends on your industry, market, and geography.  although the Social CRM is great and necessary resource traditional practices are still a part of your business. 

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Your CRM process, should include:

  • Target marketing to identify and reach your ideal client.
  • Sales management to guide you from a target prospect – to a potential – to a client.
  • A database where every client is stored and communicated with often.
  • A tool to know purchasing trends.
  • A customer survey.
  • Multiple communication channels: Phone, Email, Webform, and Social Media.
  • Process and procedure for handling problems and upset customers.
  • A well versed staff in handling sales ops, customer service, and problem solving. 
  • A loyalty plan: frequent purchase program, coupons, referral, and so on.
  • A WOW Culture – something that sets you apart! A key to getting your client excited to come back and refer a friend.

So how is the world of customer service changing?

  • Customers are expecting more– with companies like and Nordstrom setting the service bar customers are expecting every company to do the same.  No matter what size company you are, they especially feel every company should be in contest for their business.
  • Customers are expecting to pay less- as our country struggles to gain sturdy economic ground the American people are wanting businesses to lower prices, offer discounts, and so on.  Since this isn’t always an option it’s important to compensate price with service.  Offer your clients WOW  and they will have NO problem spending.  Just ask the 4 million people who made online transactions this year through FACEBOOK alone.
  • Customers and the Social CRM– want a ‘deal/coupon/special’ because they are your friend, fan, follower on your Social Network.  This is a GREAT platform to encourage people to do business with you.  Because you APPRECIATE their engagement and attention.  And that’s what they do- when you’re on a social network you have their attention.

I hope this paints a picture and raises a revived awareness on today’s customer service needs.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  ANROMA is a full service SOCIAL CRM company offering consulting, training, and total management.  We’ll help you engage your customers to build lifetime relationships.

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Margaret Hernandez

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