Are you providing a customer disservice?

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Are you providing
Customer Disservice?

“Thank you for calling our customer disservice department, how can I upset you today?”  – Is this what your clients are hearing…


Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Do you regularly review and address customer concerns, feedback, complaints and compliments?
  • Do you have a clear criteria of customer services processes, guidelines, and culture stated for your employees?
  • Are you regularly exercising your Wow Culture?

If you answered ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ it is quite possible that you are proving customer disservice and you don’t even mean to.  There are companies that flat-out do not care about customer retention.  I’m not talking to those companies – nor would they be reading this blog. 

I’m talking to the business who is striving to be the best!  To create loyal customers and grow their business.  In order to make sure you are not delivering customer disservice rather Customer Service Excellence – you must have a client retention plan. 

Who does this apply to:

  • Solo business owner.
  • Small Business.
  • Store Front.
  • Car Dealer.
  • Consultant.
  • Sales Professional.
  • Any one who stays in business by providing a product or service to a client.

In other words, any person or organization who stays in business because people purchase their goods or service.

Client Retention plan should have:

  • Goals (sales, # of retained clients desired)
  • Policy (Returns, upset clients, various ‘things that can go wrong’ problem solving pre-plan, crisis management, up sell opportunity)
  • Staff Training (Employees & Managers: on the above mentioned, professional development, customer service training, sales training)
  • Social Media Integration (varies by industry)
  • Feedback – system to gather customer feedback
  • Wow Culture – your way to WOW your client, to them excited to come back and to refer you.

You can start with those 6.  Make sure all those pieces are accounted for, and tackled. You can do it!

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment we’d love to hear from you.

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