A Quick Monday Read…

Good Morning!

How’s everyone doing?

It’s Monday!  

What will you accomplish this week?
Do You have a plan?
How will you stay accountable?
How will you reward yourself?

“Margaret, why all the questions! ”
My hope is for anyone who reads this – they take these steps.  Making this week different.  Maybe this will be the week we stop procrastinating on something – and just do it.

The easiest way to accomplish a big project is to:

  • Break it down into smaller project (5 maybe)
  • Then schedule deadlines for each part

Accomplishing a project that took extra effort on our part is empowering!  One accomplishment can easily jump start a person to achieving more and more and more!

If you have questions on how to set goals and the plan to achieve them, email me (margaret@anromaway.com).

I’ll leave you with that note.

Have a great week!


Who is ANROMA:  ANROMA was created in 2007.  The goal of the company is to help businesses grow sales by retaining their customers.  We offer Customer Service Plan Development, Employee Training, Managment Coaching, and Social Media Management.  LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

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