The Social Customer

Who is the social customer?

The social customer does one or all of the below:

  1. Researches online before they shop
  2. Checks-In while they shop/dine
  3. Reviews their experience (officially on Yelp, Foursquare, etc.. OR unofficially via status message)

The social customer can be the best thing that ever happened to your business.
The social customer can be the WORST thing that ever happened to your business. 

Chances are you don’t have a ‘client retention’ section in your business plan.  Chances are you NEVER refer to your business plan in the first place.  In my experience it is vital for a business to have a plan in action to retain their customers.  How are you retaining them, at we call this WOW Culture.
If you are caught with your businesses ‘pants down’ you will find yourself that WORST end of the spectrum.  For instance, the social customer can become the WORST thing that ever happened to your business if:
  1. They are doing research online (Facebook, google search, review sites) and see:
    • Nothing about you
    • Negative reviews never addressed
    • In accurate information
    • Out of date information
  2. They make it to your establishment and decide:
    • to check-in, but you don’t know it because you are not managing your Yelp, Facebook, or Foursquare.
    • NOT to check- in, there wasn’t a sign enticing them to check in or a promo (what’s the use)
    • You lost the free opportunity for a marketing blast to your customers network
  3. They review you (officially or unofficially):
    • They didn’t have the best experience (this happens to the best of companies, doesn’t mean you’re a failure) – they had no place to email or send a comment.  So they chose to tell their peers “never go here” or something of the like.
    • They didn’t have a bad/good experience it was blah – so they never say anything at all.
Make sure you are the BEST side.  Make the social customer the BEST thing that ever happened to you by making sure your have a Client Retention & Social strategy and Wow Culture.
In next weeks blog we’ll cover the How To create your client retention and social strategy.
If you have any questions before them – shoot them over to me.
Margaret Hernandez

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