CRM Software History Part ll

In November of last year I highlighted an article from CRM Software Advice on the timeline of the history of the CRM

Today Mike Muhney, CEO & Founder, VIPorbit Software Int’l, Inc.  presents Part ll of the history of the CRM.

This topic fascinates me because it is impossible to achieve Customer Service Excellence without the use of a CRM system.  If you read part l you can understand where it all started, part ll where we are today, and stay tuned for part lll the future!

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales People, Account Managers, Hair Stylist, and anyone who provides products and services to more than one person or company MUST have a CRM system.

Why do I need a CRM system:

  • Keep track of sales cycle
  • Up to date contact information
  • House important dates
  • Notate special instructions
  • Follow up when ‘it’s been too long’ since the last purchase
You build strong relationships when you’re reliable.  CRM’s help keep you reliable.
Take a moment read Part l and Part ll of the History of the CRM!
Thank you to Lauren Carlson, CRM Market Analyst at Software Advice for sharing her knowledge and expertise in her field. Tweet with them.
If you need assistance in finding the right CRM software for your company connect with Software Advice, they’ll guide you.  If you need assistance in Customer Service Training contact us here at ANROMA.CO.
Do you need social media representation?  Connect with  “Social Media Strategy & Management”
Have a great day all.
Margaret M. Hernandez
Founder at ANROMA.CO

2 thoughts on “CRM Software History Part ll

  1. Very True,
    I guess with CRM Customer Relationship Manager are terrifically organized, get an access to real-time reports that can be accessed anytime from anywhere if its on Cloud.

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