The “I Will” Plan for 2012!

  • Set Your Goals

  • Create Your Plan

  • Stay Motivated

  • Yes, You Will!

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The “I WILL” Plan for 2012!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution, did you set goals for the New Year, did you intend to but didn’t?  There is a key to accomplishing more! You must first: Identify a goal, prepare a plan, and stay motivated.  The next 5 steps will help you do just that!  This is the key to standing up and saying with full confidence I WILL!

#1 Clearly Define Your Goals

    • It’s one thing to know you want more, but it’s so important you define what ‘more’ is for you.   Do you want a promotion, higher sales, lose weight, run a marathon, quit smoking, etc…  When you define the goal you can start making the effort to create the plan for the next steps in accomplishing the goal. (ie. I want to lose 10 lbs vs I want to lose weight – BE SPECIFIC)

#2 Add a Map to Your Goals.

    • After you have set your goal(s) you can start making your road map!  A goal is only as strong as your plan to achieve it.  If your goal is to ‘lose 10lbs’ you need a map to get there.  You’ll need to give yourself a timeline/projection date/deadline.  Part of your map may be to add a couple days of working out, or a fast food/eating out minimum, this is all part of the plan to see the goal actualized!

#3 Do NOT Compare Yourself with Others.

    • No matter what your goal may be, do not, I repeat DO NOT compare yourself with others.  People are different, of different makeup, we are motivated by different seasons and ages.  It’s not wise to compare yourself with anyone.  The best thing you can do is be honest with yourself.  Are you doing the best you can for yourself, to accomplish all you are desiring for yourself, your family, and your career.

#4 Identify One Activity that Always Makes You Happy.

    • Find a healthy way to revive yourself.  This might be listening to an empowering song or CD, taking a walk/run, leaning on your faith, going for a drive, etc…  Find something that you have easy access to that you know can put a smile on your face.  Use this activity to remind yourself of your goal(s), and what life would be like if you accomplished it.  Use this activity to gain strength when you hit a wall or an come against an obstacle. Use this as your motivation.

#5 Change the Habits you Know Stand in the Way.

    • Honesty with yourself is the best policy.  What stands in your way?  Too much socializing, TV, overspending, time management?  Change habits that keep you from accomplishing the goals that will change your life in a positive way.  

Goal Planner Sheet – use this sheet to map your goals!

I hope this helps you achieve your “I Will” for 2012.

In 2012, I will ____________________!

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