CRM: Go Vertical, Customize or Integrate? [Lauren Carlson, CRM Advice]

As business owners it’s just as important to manage your customers as it is to pay your light bill.  The proper CRM tool can either help you increase your profits or stand as a divider between you and growth.

Lauren Carlson, of CRM Advice gives us some great feedback about choosing the right CRM. Check out her blog.

“The question of what direction to take when choosing a CRM system is not a new one, but with an evolved ecosystem and advances in technology, it begs revisiting. Whether seeking to implement an integrated suite or a point solution, buyers have three general options when choosing a CRM system: go vertical, customize, or build-your-own (BYO). My article breaks each option down logically to help buyers select the best route for them.” – Lauren Carlson

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