Social Media Strategy

What is a social media strategy?

I’ll be succint.  Social Media is a BIG animal.  You can’t have an effective presence without some type of plan.  There are hundreds of social sites and most of us are most familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and others.  Your social customers spend an average of 6 hours online per day.

First thing you have to know: Social Media is not going anywhere.  The fact that people communicating with eachother online will not change anytime soon.  So businesses should make sure they are a part of these conversations.

Here is a nice guide to help you start you Social Media Strategy.


  • How can social media help your business?
  • How are you currently marketing your business? How can this be translated to Social Media.
  • Are you a product or service? Who is your target client and audience?
  • Which social platform are they using?


Once you define who and what.  Decide how you will execute your plan.

  • How much time can you devote to social media?
  • Who will be responsible to set up and manage?


  • Use the information you gathered to create your plan.
  • Create a calendar.
  • Schedule your time.
  • Here is a guide (suggested 5 hours per week) to help you schedule. ANROMA Social Media Guide


  • The plan you created should be something that can be duplicated weekly.
  • Modify based on the direction you want your audience to take.
  • Do not let your presence slip away.
  • Let this be a reliable platform where you audience can reach you.


  • In the ANROMA Social Media Guide you’ll notice a section about “Setting Goals”
  • Define for you, how you want to measure your social media results.
  • Analytics, Likes, Follows, CheckIns, interactions, promotion results, etc…


  • Seek to grow by engaging with your audience.
  • Don’t simply throw out information. Engage with other people, pages, and feeds.
  • Grow your social presence by meeting other social friends.
  • When you meet people at networking and other events – connect online as well.

If you have further questions you can direct them my way

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Margaret Hernandez

The ANROMA Group

7 thoughts on “Social Media Strategy

  1. I think we have to get past seeing social media as another sales avenue (for us retailers) but use it instead for branding and customer service. Even the big retailers are having difficulty monetizing their social media efforts.
    I tend to buy from companies I interact with on social media but research shows that this is not the case generally.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree, SM is a very powerful branding and customer service tool. As for the small and medium sized business, it’s important to target follower and LIKES. Interact with your target market to hopefully in turn get a LIKE and in turn peek interest for a sale. I can have a 1 million LIKES but if none of those people fall in my market (geography, age, etc…) I’ll never get a sale. Personally I believe my own Facebook present (growing as it may be) suits as a tool for me to reach out to give encouraging words. The idea is to have a strategy and realistic goals (with a bit of a challenge 🙂 )- Have a great week, Margaret

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