Don’t Allow Disappointment to be Your Kryptonite

Kryptonite as defined by the urban dictionary: Related to the Superman movies: Superman’s weakness.  The only thing that can hurt the man of steel.

Disappointment as defined by me: Anytime something has not gone according to plan or as desired.  Any type of rejection, professionally and personally.   The harsh reality that something has gone wrong, and you may not see the answer in sight.

As an entrepreneur I’ve gone through many disappointments.   The details I’ll leave for another day.   As a person I’ve gone through many disappointments, as we all have.   I learned something very valuable in my late 20’s,

“When you fall
(or have been knocked over),
get back up!”

A very wise person counseled me in the very early days of starting my business.  He asked me “have you given it all you can?” – the answer to that question was NO.  I hadn’t given it my all, I wasn’t done.  From that point on I never looked back.  When the going got tough, I got tougher!  What didn’t kill me, surely made me stronger.

I believe that for all of us.  My peers, friends, family, and strangers.  When you feel like the world has turned it’s back on you, you have to rise above it and know you can overcome.  Find the opportunity in your unpleasant circumstance.

Something that helps me in my life is knowing what makes me happy.  A long drive, a swim, a long walk – some of my favorite things to do.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed, upset, disappointed I do something that makes me happy.  Immediately I can feel burdens lifted, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your two take-aways from this article:

  1. Don’t allow a disappointment(s) to take you down. GET UP!
  2. Be clear on what makes you happy – and make time for it.  Especially when the going gets tough.

Disappointment does not need to be your kryptonite.  Disappointment shouldn’t paralyze you with fear or sadness.  Have your moment of grief and thought.  But sooner, rather than later dust yourself off and get back up.

I hope this helps someone.  I just felt so compelled to get this note out and circulated.  This is real life – full of unexpected circumstances.  I’m with you – I go through them too.  I’m just tapped into an amazing source of hope, love, and joy.

Be clear about your goals, and be prepared for speed bumps.


Margaret Hernandez

Your Friend & Owner of The ANROMA Consulting Group
Twitter @csrsocialite

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