3 Must Haves for Every Entrepreneur

So you answered the call of the entrepreneurial spirit within you?  I know it well.  Maybe you have tried starting a business and it wasn’t necessarily the best fit?  Or maybe you had a great business but once you got ‘stuck’ you closed the doors?  Whatever the case I want to lend a word of wisdom to my fellow E’s.

The 3 Must Haves for Every Entrepreneur:

  1. Create your (flexible) business plan.  
    • The nuts and bolts that make up your business.
    • The process by which you market and sell your product.
    • How will you fund living and starting your business.
    • Flexibility is key – you can plan all you want, but real life and circumstance will dictate how your business actually unfolds.
  2. Find a (FREE) Community Business Resource.
    • In just about every city you can connect with the SBA, SCORE, or other business center.
    • They usually offer a variety of FREE consulting services to help you grow your business.
    • I found the IEWBC in Corona, CA they were instrumental to the growth of ANROMA.
  3. Last but not least, PERSEVERANCE.
    • When you hear ‘No’, know there is someone who will say ‘Yes’.
    • Look negativity in the face – and have the strength to keep standing.
    • Understand your friends and family may NOT be the best sounding boards.
    • Keep moving forward.
    • Little progress, is still progress.

Starting a business can be a very lonely road.  It’s important to be comfortable working alone, being accountable to only yourself, and wearing most of the hats in your business.   By creating your plan, using the free resources available to you, and making up your mind to persevere – you are building a solid foundation for your business.

Give it your all – your whole effort.  This is not easy.  Being your own boss comes with MANY privileges, and it comes with MUCH responsibility.   As you start to grow – outsource/delegate the tasks you shouldn’t be doing.  Treat your customers like GOLD.  Stay Organized.

I hope you enjoyed this brief article.  Make sure to connect with me: Join our LA Meetup and our Linked In Group

Until next time!

Margaret Hernandez

The ANROMA Group

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