(Part 1) Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus [quick look]

I want to share my recent research findings for Facebook – Twitter – Google +.  I’m going to paraphrase and condense for the sake of time.
  • Facebook since the beginning consistently changed it’s algorithms (the rules and formula that the search engines use to determine the significance of a page) which effects how people see our posts personal/pages.
  • Facebook would rather businesses use Paid Ads to promote their pages, than to organically be found in a search (more $ for them). 
  • In addition to LIKES – it’s also important to look at “People Talking About This.”
    • I have found pages with 300-500 likes with 1 person talking about it.
    • I’ve seen pages with 50 likes with 28 people talking about it.
    • LIKES in addition to Engagement – help your page to be seen by ALL the people who like it. 
  • At one point the Facebook news feed for individuals would populate information in real-time.
    • This is no longer the case, and hasn’t been for a while. Which is why you see events on top that happened 3 days ago.
  • Facebook goes public: Facebook and it’s leaders are under fire do to selling their stock in the company, etc… However, Facebook is still the most widely used Social Networking Site globally.  We aren’t jumping ship any time soon (from a marketing prospective).
  • Facebook now is going to be FULLY integrated on the new iPhone 5 (easier access).
  • Twitter released (VERY recently) paid advertising.
  • Twitter is a very powerful took in it’s infancy.  Established in 2006, and booming.
  • The idea with twitter is to be a name with communities (aka Hashtags or #).  # are topics within twitter.
  • If you happen to be at a conference, reading a publication and you notice a # – be sure to send it to me.  That way I can engage with that community on your behalf.
Google +:
  • This is Google’s latest attempt at a Social Network – they WILL succeed.
  • I just read this week that Google will now integrate Google + within their algorithm/page ranking tool.
  • Google+ just earned a seat as a VISN (Very Important Social Network)
  • It’s growing in importance to add the +1 button to your site.  (if you can)
  • Google + now offers:
    • Event Publishing
    • Hashtags #
    • Multiple Managers (you only need to have a Google+ account)
  • If you have created a Google + for your business on your own —– MAKE SURE — your profile is public.  Otherwise your public can not connect with you.
Question you might have?
  • Is social still good for business?
    • Absolutely, social is not going anywhere.  It’s just changing.  Together we’ll stay on top of it.
    • Your social presence is good for business: SEO, Brand visibility, community enrichment, and so on!
  • Is Facebook still relevant and important to my business?
    • Yes, continue to grow and engage your FB community.
  • Should I do paid ads on any of these?
    • It’s not a bad idea – however, be strategic and manage it closely.
  • You didn’t mention Instagram or Pinterest?
    • Growing in audience – still lacks the high page ranking etc… 
    • Depending on your industry these components are important and should be incorporated. 

Until next time! Part 2 will be here soon!

Margaret Hernandez

The ANROMA Group

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