Fantasy or Goal? Please tell me the difference!

Fantasy or Goal?

What is the difference?

The ANROMA Goal loves SMART Goals

So glad to get this thought out on paper.  I mean to be fair, as people, we need to know how to
classify these ambitions of ours.  After a long drive I came up with a pretty clear explanation.  It’s clear enough to help me reclassify, reorganize, and carry on!

[Defined by Margaret Brown]

Fantasy: A dream you have envisioned for yourself.  Rather than becoming a goal it stays a mere fantasy because you have not applied any action or planning to this endeavor.

Goal: A dream you have envisioned for yourself.  This fantasy has become a goal because you have added action steps and begun to plan to reach this goal.

It’s important to be realistic of our ambitions and accomplishments.  You can’t be too down on yourself if you haven’t achieved these big dreams that you once had, the only thing you can do is evaluate if you’ve given yourself a fighting chance?  If not, take the step and move your dream from Fantasy to Goal.

  1. Step one to achieve more – categorize your dreams (fantasy or goal?), and make adjustments accordingly.
  2. Self eval – where am I, where am I going, what am I doing about it.  Again, make adjustments accordingly.
  3. Create an “I Will” plan yourself. See definition here.
  4. Keep an arsenal with things in mind to keep you motivated.  DO NOT allow disappointment to be Kryptonite to your progress.
  5. When you’re creating the plan for your Goal use the SMART method.  See photo.

Leave no room for excuses.  Grab your future by the horns and take some action.  I believe in you.

If you have questions you can post on or tweet questions directly to me @csrsocialite!


Margaret Brown

Your Friend & Owner of The ANROMA Consulting Group
Twitter @csrsocialite

995 East Green Street #529, Pasadena CA 91106

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