Social Media, The Love – Hate Relationship: Story of a Business Owner

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you plan on being in business for more than 1 year?
  • How important is it to you that your customers and prospects respect your knowledge of your industry?
  • How important to your business is it that your customer and prospects LIKE, KNOW, TRUST you even before they meet you in person?

Social Media, The Love – Hate Relationship: Story of a Business OwnerImage

We’ll call this business owner Sadie Shelton.  Sadie owned a business, what kind of business? I guess that kind of matters, so she owned a Business Consulting company.  Her main purpose was to help businesses grow.  One day in 2008, she herself sought help from a mentor regarding her sales and marketing.  She was in a dillemma, she knew she had a one of a king product that her prospects needed but how could she tell them.  Anytime she spoke with people regarding her dilemma, they said “Sadie, you need to become the expert in your field.”  – The expert in my field.  How do I do that?

Well, at this time the internet social sites were all the rage. Without hesitation Sadie began The ANROMA Group - Social Businessto write a blog maybe 2-5 per month.  Her exact words “Even if no one reads this blog, I’m going to write.”  Little did Sadie know that as she began to write month after month her SEO and brand visibility was grown and GROWING.  She did want people to see her as the expert in her field! Her thought to hit social media channels indeed was the best idea she had.  From her blog activity to consistently updating her LinkedIn profile, Facebook, and dabbling a little with twitter. She would write about her industry and she made sure to be a leader and positive motivator to anyone that read.

During this year she was able to update her email signature with links to her different media channels.  Now people could ‘read more’ if they cared to.  Shortly after people would often comment, “Wow, Sadie you’re everywhere” – when in fact she was in her office writing about her self.  Yet, the outside world perceived that she was so popular and so intelligent because her personality could be found online.  Colleagues were quite impressed with her.  

Did this immediately equate to new business? This is the question everyone asks, this is what brings in the HATE for most business owners, marketers, and sales people.  To be honest no it did not.  Sadie, still continued to in-person network and she made cold calls.  However, when Sadie made new connections and made sales calls she could confidently send people to her channels so they could get to know her.

New Business: (solely from SEO and Brand Visibility) For Sadie it came about 14 months later that her largest client to date found her simply from a google search, then met with her simply because of her LinkedIn validity.

Sadie saw just how powerful online visibility is for a brand- and this is what she LOVED.  Any drawback that she noticed came in the form of time.  Adding valuable content took time to write and post.  She began to give herself Social Business time.  A day to post a blog, send a newsletter, and almost daily she would update her profile status on social media.

Best Practices: At every event she attended she made sure to Check In, take photos, and tweet when appropriate.

To this day Sadie doesn’t pay too much attention to numbers.  She knows she has and will continue to produce revenue on her Social Business ROI (Return on Influence), and it all started with a blank blog and ZERO fans.

What did we learn from Sadie’s success:

  • Social Business takes time to produce.
  • Social Business takes time to build brand visibility.
  • Is worth every second, your social business content never goes away.  It’s not a postcard, business, card or brochure that can be thrown away.  It’s not a commercial that goes away in 30 seconds.  It stays for you or anyone else to refer to in the future.

Friends we can all learn a thing of patience, perseverance, and wisdom from Sadie.  I love that she new enough to not lay all her sales efforts in her social business. Yet, she continued to network in person and make cold calls.  It was a combined effort.

This is a true story – we changed the name to protect the innocent.  I’m sure this story is true for many people out there today.

Thank you for reading this tale Social Media, The Love – Hate Relationship: Story of a Business Owner.

Thank you for your readership.


Margaret M. Brown
Social Business Leader, The ANROMA Group
Twitter @csrsocialite

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