The Paths of Social Business: Sales, Marketing, CRM

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Social Media FAQ:

  • Buzz word of the decade right?
  • Has marketers and business owners pondering how this fits in for their business.
  • A place where people tell you what they had for lunch, share an uplifting quote, posts multiple photos of themselves, etc…
  • A place to post links to your website, blog, and news.
  • Gives us the ability to check-in and review our favorite retailers.
  • Allows brands to engage with clients, potential clients, and the community around them.

The Paths of Social Business

In today’s article I will briefly identify these 3 categories.  Under these categories your business will have a better understanding of what your social business is doing for you and what it isn’t doing for you.

Social Sales

  • Sales Teams
    • Prospecting
    • Research
    • Organization of Pipeline
  • Likely Channels (Vary based on industry, target, goals)
    • LinkedIn
    • Tradeshow Sites
    • Trade Blogs
    • Twitter
    • Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus

Social Marketing

  • Marketing Teams
    • Brand Visibility
    • Brand Monitoring
    • Social PR
    • Market Research
    • Competitor Research
    • Social Signals Matter to Your SEO
    • Content Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization
    • Newsletter
    • Email Marketing
    • Keywords, page rank
    • Analytics
    • Paid Advertising
  • Likely Channels
    • Website
    • Blog(s)
    • Company Pages (Vary based on industry, target, goals)
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Pinterest

Social CRM

  • Company wide use
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service
  • Customer Feedback
  • Survey
  • Review/Brand Monitor
  • Buying Cycle
  • Listen to you customers online behavior
  • Communicate with your: customer and community
  • Engage and Be social
  • Leverage Social CRM tools (NimbleCRM)

How are these 3 connected? 

Here are 3 examples of thousands!
  1. Your sales team is whole heartidly selling your product.  Prospect goes online (as 90% of people do before they purchase) to find further research on your company, WHAT ARE THEY FINDING?  Have you published a blog, do you have a community of happy followers?  Are they finding absolutely nothing?  A prospect can LIKE KNOW TRUST you even before they meet you because of your social media. 
  2. Your customer loves your product, are you giving them a platform to tell you that?
  3. Your customer leaves a negative review on yelp about your company.  Are you monitoring your brand to find these problems so you can address and correct them?

Why am I sharing this?

I want my friends and colleagues to understand the benefits of a true social business plan.  Whether your plan is basic or complex.  Creating your plan with your goals, target, and industry in mind – is the key.  With so many Social Media voices, I hope you find clarity in this one.  Need more convincing that Social Business is real?

What’s next?

  • Identify your social business team 
  • Identify your target
  • Identify your channels
  • Create Goals
  • Create Your Calendar of Social Business Events, Actions, and Tasks
  • Track your progress
  • Create a monthly ongoing meeting
  • Get creative
  • Do you need help with this? Call us 626-710-4221

I hope this helps!

If you have any questions you can reach us:


Have a great day! Be sure to sign up for our monthly edition of Socialize Your Brand!


Margaret M. Brown
Founder, The ANROMA Group

6 thoughts on “The Paths of Social Business: Sales, Marketing, CRM

  1. Good points, Margaret,

    I agree with your emphasis on social business. “Social proof,” consumer generated reviews, testimonials, and endorsements are more powerful than advertisements in the 21st century.

    I think the challenge for most businesses is to allocate the person-hours to keep up with social media marketing and branding. It may be necessary to either hire an internal social media specialist or to outsource to experts.

  2. It can be a full time job building a social network – and my social network is preemptive, since I currently have nothing to sell except a book manuscript to a very select market (traditional publishers). I appreciate the work you put into laying out the paths and online marking channels.

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