Influence and Social Media [Infographic]



Source: Media Bistro

“These Stats Make it Clear that Social Media is Influential, it’s Powerful, and it’s Here to Stay.” – Dashburst


  • Statistics of the number of people on the major social channels.
  • How much time people spend on their social channels.
  • Frequency of stopping in on social channels by users.
  • How Social Media influences lives, purchases, and other.
  • How Social Media helps your business.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful infographic.  This one was particularly lovely with clear stats, and images, and didn’t go on for miles.  This is a great visual for business owners who still need convincing on the power of social business., social media influence


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3 thoughts on “Influence and Social Media [Infographic]

  1. Half of this is misleading and half is just plain wrong. You shouldn’t deceive brands by overstating the power of social media because it is in your best interest vs your clients. Shameful. Dash burst is a crock.

    1. Thank you for your comment and point of view. The ANROMA Group and welcome the feedback of others. Any social business professional should know social and online marketing/sales is a great enhancement to traditional business building. We happen to really like this general infographic.

      Have a great rest of the week 🙂

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