Social Media and Your Sales Pipeline – 3 HOT RULES, sales training, social business training, linkedin for salesThe Million Dollar Question: How can I use Social Media to increase my sales volume?

Tried and True Sales Leads Methods:

  • List Purchasing
  • Leads List
  • Networking Events
  • Referrals
  • Referral Groups

FACT: Social Media DOES NOT take the place of any Tried and True Sales Method.

FACT: Social Media is a powerful tool to qualify leads and to advance the sales cycle.

3 Hot Rules to consider in your sales strategy:

Talk about your expertise, NO HARD SELL.

Write a blog, post valuable content for your audience, be consistent.  It’s not enough to just be trolling the internet and find your prospects online.  Don’t be afraid to comment on their post or blog.  Social Networking IS networking.  When you attend an in person event your goal is to strike up conversation.  The same goes online.

Get to know your prospects, NO HARD SELL.

When is the last time you connected with your prospects on LinkedIn, Facebook (Business Page), Twitter, Blog, etc..?  By simply engaging with your prospects on line you can help them LIKE, KNOW, and TRUST you much quicker!


Friends, please do not hard sell through online networking.  Why? People do not want to be sold.  Get to know people and organizations.  Allow a relationship to build and allow a natural flow to occur.  Be friendly and genuine.

I hope these steps help you and your sales force.  Social media is powerful and is a great tool for every business.  How are you leveraging your online relationships?  Have you created a ‘hard sell’ personality on line? It’s ok you can fix it at any time!

Be sure to create a social media strategy for Marketing, PR, Sales, and Customer Relations.

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