Guest Blog: “Just Google It” by Margaret Brown

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Chances are you Google something everyday.  So do your prospects, friends, and clients. When it comes to your organization what are people finding when they Google YOU or your keywords?  Do you have a presence?

Below is the guest post from our very own Margaret Brown for

You can’t go one day without hearing the phrase “Google it” in some form.  ”Google it” means that the person is suggesting you to go to a computer, tablet, or mobile phone and type in a phrase or keyword into the Google Search engine.

Google is not the only search engine option, however it has placed itself as the leader because of its lead in the “SEO” game.

Read the full article here: “Just Google It” via Blog

If you’re concerned with your online presence we welcome you to contact us with your questions.  Take advantage of our FREE Social Business Assessment.

There is power in the content you publish online:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Links
  • Social Media
  • Photo
  • Directory Listings
  • and more…

Enjoy the article and your day.


The ANROMA Group Team

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